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Evolving review of the GY-LS300

"I can't wait until my own GY-LS300 4KCAM arrive!"

Mattias Burling from Gun Powder Video, borrowed a GY-LS300 4KCAM camcorder to test out it’s features compared to a DSLR. The GY-LS300 has a compact handheld design that’s comfortable to videographers who prefer the camcorder form factor to DSLR cameras. It’s less than four pounds without a lens and has a solid construction that will stand up to many hours in the field. "I’ve always wanted a camcorder with the the functionality, sensor and lens mount of a DSLR.” says Mattias “and JVC have proved this in an affordable package."

Mattias’s first impressions  are: "It is light and small but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. I would say it feels just like theses DVX type camcorders always does. Not 5D rugged, but solid.  Setting it up was super easy and intuitive, I mean its a camcorder… its great.. its like riding a bike. Getting all the features I want like zebra etc when fast, they where all exactly where you would suspect them to be.  The ND wheel feels nice, so does most of the controls and buttons. The audio wheels are clickless, thats a tiny complaint but no deal breaker.  The first lens I tested was a m4/3 12-42mm. Its the kit lens from my GFs GM1. It worked and surprisingly id didn’t vignette at the wide end in s35 mode. In other words its both a normal MFT zoom and a s35 wide angle. It also turns out that there where sensor size stops between s35 and MFT!”